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KAIZA HEALTH is a new-age healthcare company - and focusing primarily on ONE HEALTH for humans, animals (including livestock, poultry & fisheries/aquaculture) and plant crops. One of the first developments concerns unique and innovative platform technologies/products, in which beneficial microbes and natural bio-extracts (e.g. phyto-extracts including peptides/enzymes/proteins) work in tandem to improve immunity, antimicrobial effect and overall health. We are trying, in a modest way, to find ways to reduce our dependence on antibiotics by using proprietary bio-derived alternatives for use in ONE HEALTH. Antibiotics are necessary (and sometimes it's a must) but not overuse or excessive use or misuse of antibiotics.

The company is also developing various DIGITAL platforms - wherein focus is to address the challenges of ONE-DIGITAL-HEALTH include facilitating and improving interactions between One Health and Digital Health.

KAIZA HEALTH VISION: Not only your own health, but the health of your surroundings, including plant health, animal health and health of your environment and ecosystems are very important.



No. 02, HHS & HMS Complex (Near-Corporation Circle), Cubbonpet Main Road, Bangalore - 560002, Karnataka, INDIA

+91 8095199786 / +91 8041267502


+91 9886297657

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