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Digital Technology

Improving Interactions Between One Health and Digital Health

At KAIZA Digital Platform, our focus is to address the challenges of ONE-DIGITAL-HEALTH (include facilitating and improving interactions between One Health and Digital Health) based on the principle that not only your health but the health of your ecosystem, including the health of plants, animals and the surrounding environment, are very important.

Current focus area

Precision AgriTech

Precision Farming

Precision Supply Chain (Agri Produce & Food)

Smart City


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Selected on-going projects are:

Precision Agri-Tech: 

Cost-effective, quick and accurate digital methods for testing:

  • MACRO/MICRO-NUTRIENT DENSITY in Soil, and or Plant Tissue,


Precision Supply Chain (Agri Produce & Food)

  • Using DigitalTech for improvement in MILK SUPPLY CHAIN.

Digital Clean-Tech & Smart-City: 

  • Precision WASTE Management & SANITATION.

Precision Farming (Dairy): 

  • Handheld platform to MEASURE/DETECT TOXIN in the feed and dietary supplements for milk cow & buffalo.

  • Improved digital handheld platform to measure RAW MILK PARAMETERS, instantaneously.

  • Cost-effective ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION & TRACEABILITY technology.

  • Development of animal HEAT DETECTION digital kits for effective artificial insemination of dairy animals. ​

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No. 02, HHS & HMS Complex (Near-Corporation Circle), Cubbonpet Main Road, Bangalore - 560002, Karnataka, INDIA

+91 8095199786 / +91 8041267502


+91 9886297657

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